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A BEAUTIFUL BLEND OF FLAVOR AND HEAT. An explosion of flavor and heat in this intricate, high-end blend. – This premium green hot sauce packs a blast Serrano & lime followed by a wave of garlic. It finishes with a smooth Habanero back burn. The perfect hot sauce for any dish or cuisine. Our flavor profile offers personality and charisma. It will blow your hot sauce loving mind. #GoBobcats

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“A good hot sauce makes food more complex, enjoyable, and exciting. Eating is better than dining.” – Robb Jarrett

    Great hot sauce is expensive to produce. A lot of people don’t understand the costs involved in making high-end hot sauce. Many people think all sauces are the same and limit their experience to whatever big chain grocery stores sell, like sauces from huge factory operations like Frank’s Red Hot, Tabasco,and Durkee’s. We are not like them.

    We only use quality natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives. Our sauces are the way they were intended to be made and a great deal of hands on care goes into each and every bottle. It is easy to tell the difference once you taste a gourmet hot sauce.

    Robb Originals are a collection of unique and intensely mixed Hot Sauces fused together from eclectically sourced ingredients. Our passion for the product is what gives our hot sauces their unique taste.


  • ✔️ ELEVATE YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE. Flavor is the most important part of food and the dining experience. Our hot sauces enhance your food and will not over power. Through research and hours of trial and error, we have nailed it. Our sauces deliver flavor first and then the heat. World-class hot sauce for people who are passionate about what they put on their food.

  • ✔️ ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS. We use the highest-quality ingredients to prepare our hot sauces. Our unique flavors are the result of careful selection, preparation and production. Every ingredient comes from qualified and certified suppliers. We hand pick each ingredient to ensure it meets our quality standards and belongs on your table. Quality hot sauces are crafted from quality ingredients. VEGAN and VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY and NO PRESERVATIVES EVER.

  • ✔️ UNIQUE TASTE AND SOPHISTICATION IN EVERY BOTTLE. The hot sauce niche is crowded and everyone has a unique take on it. Let’s be honest, taste is subjective and each product is unique in its own way. What works for you may not be what your partner is seeking. We separate ourselves from the pack, by offering unique sauces that you will not find at your local grocery or box house. We are proud of our products and would love to know what you think!

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