Hot Sauce Gift Box Set/Gift Pack, 3-5Oz. Bottles

Hot Sauce Gift Box Set/Gift Pack, 3-5Oz. Bottles

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The ultimate hot sauce gift box set. This Gift Pack will deliver a crafted flavor profile personality and charisma and will blow your hot sauce loving mind.

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A fantastic premium Cajun sauce that is amazing on just about anything, including breaded and fried foods, popcorn, eggs, mac and cheese. Strong onion and garlic flavors.

A blast Serrano & lime followed by a wave of garlic. It finishes with a smooth Habanero back burn. The perfect hot sauce for any dish or cuisine.

A hint of sweetness combined with the extreme heat of the Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Habanero chiles. Great with chicken, shrimp, lamb, pork, chili, and chowders.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS: We pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality ingredients to prepare our hot sauces; creating unique flavors can only be achieved through proper preparation and care. Every ingredient originates from qualified and/or certified suppliers, and we hand-pick each ingredient to ensure that it meets our quality standards and belongs on your table. Quality hot sauces are build on quality ingredients.

FUSION FLAVORS: Flavor is the most important aspect of food and the dining experience. Our hot sauces are designed to enhance and not over power. Through research and hours of trial and error we believe we have nailed it. Your opinion determines our success in the marketplace. We work our asses of to get this right and would love to hear your thoughts on our products.

UNIQUE TASTE: The hot sauce niche is crowded and everyone thinks they do it the best, but let’s be honest, taste is subjective and each product is unique in its own way. What works for you may not be what your partner is seeking. We have tried to separate ourselves from the pack by offering something more unique than what you will find at your local grocery or box house. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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Weight 48 oz
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